BC PNP Programs

Program Overview:

British Columbia (BC) Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an economic immigration program launched in 2001 aimed to attract highly-skilled, in-demand workers and experienced entrepreneurs to seek permanent residence in BC while contributing to its economic development. Candidates who receive the nomination and their family members can apply for Canadian permanent residence.

BC's Quota for PNP:

The number of nominations depends on various program and economic factors, including BC's annual allocation, historic BC PNP nomination trends and existing application inventory levels.

BC PNP allocations set by the federal government are as follows:

  • 2019 -- 6500
  • 2018 -- 6250
  • 2017 -- 6000
  • 2016 -- 5800
  • 2015 -- 5500
  • 2014 -- 4150
  • 2013 -- 3800

Minimum Income Requirements

To be eligible for the BC PNP's Skills Immigration streams, except for the International Post-Graduate stream, applicants must meet minimum income requirements according to their annual wage in BC, location of residence in BC, and number of dependants:

Size of Family Greater Vancouver Regional District Rest of BC
1 $22,804 $19,006
2 $28,390 $23,659
3 $34,902 $29,087
4 $42,376 $35,316
5 $48,062 $40,054
6 $54,205 $45,175
7 or more $60,350 $50,296

BC PNP Categories:

BC PNP offers 3 pathways for skills and business immigrants to become permanent residents in BC:

  • Express Entry (EEBC)
  • Skills Immigration (SI)
  • Entrepreneur Immigration (EI)

1 Express Entry BC (EEBC)

EEBC is an online application process for applying to IRCC for permanent residence.  IRCC offers faster processing of permanent residence applications (6 months or less). It is only for skilled occupations (NOC 0, A or B).

Applicants must meet the minimum criteria for one of IRCC’s federal economic immigration programs (Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class), including work experience, language and settlement funds.

2 Skills Immigration (SI)

Skills Immigration (SI) is for skilled and semi-skilled workers in high-demand occupations in BC. It is a paper application process for applying to IRCC for permanent residence. It is for all legible occupations in NOC 0, A, B, C and D. Entry Level and Semi-Skilled category applicants need BC work experience. Skilled workers may have work experience from abroad. Recent international graduates of a Canadian university or college may not need any work experience, depending on the job being offered.

SI Categories:

  • SI - Skilled Worker
  • SI - Healthcare Professional
  • SI - International Graduate
  • SI - International Post-Graduate
  • SI - Entry Level and Semi-Skilled (Including employment in the Northeast Development Region of B.C.)

3 Entrepreneur Immigration (EI)

The Entrepreneur Immigration (EI) stream is for high net worth business people who can invest in and actively manage a valid business in BC to support innovation and economic growth in the province. Applicants must also have the required personal and investment funds.

It is a points-based system without any Express Entry options. Registrations are scored within 6 weeks and application decisions are typically made within 4 months.

4 BC PNP Registration:

Applicants who are interested to apply to the BC PNP need to register with the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) first. SIRS is a points-based online registration and application system that helps BC select the best workers to meet labour market needs. Eligible registrants under the Skilled Worker, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled, and International Graduate categories will receive an invitation to apply under the Skills Immigration stream.

Applicants in the following categories don't need to register with SIRS, they may proceed directly to the application via BCPNP Online:

  • Skills Immigration – Healthcare Professional
  • Skills Immigration – International Post-Graduate
  • Express Entry BC – Healthcare Professional
  • Express Entry BC – International Post-Graduate

Registration Scoring:

BC PNP ranks applicants' registration score alongside other registrants in the same category. The score is based on their job, its location in BC and the offered wage, as well as their work experience, education and language ability. Periodically, BC PNP conducts a draw to invite the highest-scoring registrants to apply.

Scoring Sections Maximum Points
Economic Factors (120 points) Skill Level of the BC Job Offer 60
Wage of the B.C. Job Offer 50
Regional District of Employment 10
Human Capital Factors (80  points) Directly Related Work Experience 25
Highest Level of Education 25
Language 30
Total Points Available 200


Guaranteed invitations:

Applicants who achieve or exceed these registration scores are guaranteed to receive an invitation to apply (ITA) in the next draw for their category. An ITA may be issued for scores lower than these minimums. Guaranteed invitation scores are subject to change.

Category Guaranteed Registration Score
Skills Immigration - Skilled Worker 135
Skills Immigration - International Graduate 105
Skills Immigration - Entry Level and Semi-Skilled (includes Northeast) 95
Express Entry BC - Skilled Worker 135
Express Entry BC - International Graduate 105


5 Recent BC PNP draw results

Skills Immigration (SI) and Express Entry BC (EEBC):

Date Category Minimum Score Number of  Invitations
07-Jan-20 SI - Skilled Worker 100
SI - International Graduate 103
SI - Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 85
EEBC - Skilled Worker 110
EEBC - International Graduate 105
Total number of invitations issued: 173


Entrepreneur Immigration (EI):

Date Stream Score Number of Invitations
17-Dec-19 EI - Base Category 118 24
17-Dec-19 EI - Regional Pilot 112 8
26-Nov-19 EI - Regional Pilot 120 7
12-Nov-19 EI - Base Category 112 18
12-Nov-19 EI - Regional Pilot 121 5
29-Oct-19 EI - Base Category 114 19
29-Oct-19 EI - Regional Pilot 110 5
08-Oct-19 EI - Regional Pilot 106 7
17-Sep-19 EI - Base Category 115 30
17-Sep-19 EI - Regional Pilot 108 8
20-Aug-19 EI - Base Category 110 18
20-Aug-19 EI - Regional Pilot 111 6
30-Jul-19 EI - Base Category 114 22
30-Jul-19 EI - Regional Pilot 111 6
13-Jun-19 EI - Base Category 117 20
13-Jun-19 EI - Regional Pilot 118 5
07-May-19 EI - Base Category 109 20
26-Mar-19 EI - Base Category 106 23
27-Feb-19 EI - Base Category 108 19
30-Jan-19 EI - Base Category 109 19