Canadian Experience Class - Express Entry

Benefits and Advantages of the Program:

  • No need to prove settlement funds
  • No point-grid for this program unless applying through the Express Entry system
  • Online application system is fast and convenient
  • Fast processing (most applications are processed within 6 months or less)
  • High success ratio (it's critical to improve CRS points and submit required documents accurately and completely)
  • The whole family receive permanent residence once the principal applicant is approved.

Suitable groups:

Suitable for international students or foreign workers with required language skills in English or French


Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Age: no age limit but applicants between the age of 18 and 44 can get CRS award scores of up to a maximum of 110 points.  Maximum score of 100 (applying with spouse or common-law partner) to 110 (applying with spouse or common-law partner) points can be  awarded to applicants between the age of 20-29.
  2. Language Ability: must meet the CLB 7 for NOC 0 or A jobs or CLB 5 for NOC B jobs.
  3. Education: there is no education requirement but applicants who have Canadian secondary (high school) or post-secondary credential (or foreign credentials with an ECA) can get CRA award points.
  4. Work Experience: have at least 12 months (non-continuous allowed) of full-time or equivalent paid work experience (NOC 0, A, or B) in the last 3 years before application (self-employment and work experience gained during full-time study (such as a co-op work term) does not  count.
  5. Job Offer: not required but applicants with pre-arranged employment can get CRS award points.
  6. Adaptability: applicants can get CRS award points if they meet the CRS adaptability criteria.
  7. Proof of Funds: not required for this program.
  8. Other Requirements: must be admissible to Canada, must pass medical examination, must intend to live outside the province of Quebec, need ECA for foreign credentials.

Application Process:

  • Get documents ready (e.g. ECA, official language test results)
  • Submit the Express Entry profile online
  • Wait for an invitation to apply (ITA)
  • Receive an ITA (valid for 60 days)
  • Submit complete application for permanent residence
  • Have medical exam
  • Receive Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and PR Visa
  • Land in Canada and receiving permanent resident card


Related Expenses:

Government Fees:

  • Application fee: principal applicant: $1,040 (incl. $550 processing fee and $490 permanent residence fee); spouse or common-law partner: $1,040; dependent children: $150/per child.
  • Expenses reimbursement: actual expenses such as notary, translation, delivery and postage, etc.
  • Medical examination fee and police certificate fee
  • Aladdin Immigration professional service charges (excluding any government or third party charges)