Programs for the Filipinos

A Message to Future Filipino Canadians

-- From James Nichol, a representative of Aladdin Immigration Services Inc.

Welcome to CANADA!

There are so many wonderful opportunities for work (Business Development Bank recent study shows that over 39% of small and medium-sized businesses in Canada are struggling to find new employees) in all of Canada’s business sectors also Canada will be inviting upwards of 1 million new immigrants over the next 3 years. We at Aladdin Immigration Services Inc are so excited to help facilitate these opportunities for you and your families.

We at Aladdin Immigration Services Inc have a saying “You are on your own but not alone!”.  We have put a system in place that we feel works much like a finely tuned Ferrari we encourage you to come to test us out and we will hold your hand through the whole process! And we will work 24/7 to fulfill all your dreams and support your energy to come to our and soon to be your beautiful Canada home.

My name is James Nichol and I’m contacting you as a representative of Aladdin Immigration Services Inc. My interest will be to focus on facilitating Filipinos in immigrating to Canada and encouraging as many Filipinos as I can to come to this beautiful part of the world!

I have seen much of this world over my lifetime and consider my self as a back road kind of guy and have interacted with many of the village people and after selling my reasonably successful businesses here in Vancouver I spent much of my retired time in the Philippines (10 years). I have come to truly admire the Filipino family.

There are so many fine International communities in Canada and I think we should open our hearts and doors and continue to add to those communities. One of my never-ending thoughts is how do we build a strong middle class in Canada where the top end enjoys the benefits of whatever reasons got them there and at the same time the bottom end also enjoys the basic security of his/her entitlements, as a Canadian citizen!

I truly believe the Canadian Filipino mixes so well into the Canadian landscape and in many ways are more natural than the naturalized Canadian (smile) and for me, they are a natural resource and fabulous additive in our continuing effort in building a strong Canadian middle-class economy.

I have chosen to work with Aladdin Immigration Services after studying many of the similar services the one characteristic that keeps popping up is that many of the services seem to be a sideline to their many other services and I believe Aladdin although young in the community has a phenomenal work energy and will be fully focussed and dedicated to helping us to achieve our immigration goals.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve both our goals!

Our mandate:

“You are on your own but not alone!”. We will hold your hand all the way! Our goal is to build a strong middle-class community in Canada and we believe Filipinos like no others put family before profit and we will rally every Filipino in Canada to help us to re-build a strong middle-class community.

The Filipinos have always opened their hearts to Canadian travelers and we will approach the Philippine government to let Canada know it's time to do the same and add more support to highly educated and skilled Filipinos wishing to bring their talents and skills to Canada.

In my mind Filipinos are the worker bees that build the hives, create the honey, spread the much needed pollen coast to coast that is required to build a first-class middle class community, and at the same time send most of their hard-earned money back to their own families in the Philippines helping us to build a better community for both countries!

Programs of Interest:

  1. Permanent residence for the caregiver
  2. Federal Skilled Worker (FSWP)
  3. Federal Skilled Trades (FSTP)
  4. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  5. Self-employed person (SE)
  6. BC PNP (e.g. entrepreneur, international students, entry-level and semi-skilled)
  7. Owner/Operator
  8. Family sponsorship

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